Welcome to BEETNIK Recipes

20 05 2010

Welcome to BEETNIK Recipes, your source for gritty, grungy, taste-good, feel-good vegetarian cooking!

BEET is a modern vegetarian philosophy and lifestyle. At it’s core is the same fundamental philosophy of the Beat movement: bettering ones inner self above superficial and materialistic matters.

BEETNIK Recipes takes a look at a wide range of vegetarian ingredients and recipes, in hopes of discovering and sharing feel-good food for all tastes and occasions. While this website focuses on bringing diversity and quality to the reader, the posts will tend to feature dishes that defy traditional cooking standards of beauty – you will see a lot of browns and gritty textures. One of the strengths of vegetarian food is that it is of the earth. I want to highlight that connection in my cooking, celebrating the earth as much as possible.I think the best way to describe the food featured on this website is to quote Jack Kerouac in describing the Beat movement:

“ragged, beatific, beautiful in an ugly graceful new way.”

To learn more about this website, check out About BEETNIK Recipes. 




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