Here are some images of food from previous blogs and more. Click on an image to view it larger.


WAFFLE: with walnuts and maple syrup

veggie burger

VEGGIE BURGER: with brown rice, beans and fresh veggies


GUACAMOLE: smashed avocado with fresh vegetables, herbs and lime juice

vegan chili

VEGAN CHILI: with 3 kinds of bell pepper, 2 kinds of squash, 4 kinds of beans, onion, corn and celery

easy, creamy, cheese sauce

SUNDRIED TOMATO GNOCCHI: with easy, creamy cheese sauce and fresh basil

sundried tomato gnocchi

SUNDRIED TOMATO GNOCCHI: with olive oil, garlic, tomato, spinach and parmesan

coconut red curry

COCONUT RED CURRY: with fresh vegetables and tofu, served over brown rice

blueberry pancakes

BLUEBERRY! PANCAKES: with tons of fresh blueberries

sweet potato enchiladas

SWEET POTATO ENCHILADAS: with tomatillo sauce, served with green salad and sour cream

black bean and roasted corn relish

BLACK BEAN AND ROASTED CORN RELISH: with fresh vegetables, lime juice and cumin

red lentil gravy

RED LENTIL GRAVY: with biscuits and grilled asparagus

butter and milk biscuits

BUTTER AND MILK BISCUITS: fresh from the oven!

OATMEAL ET CETERA COOKIES: with chocolate, peanut butter, dried cranberries, walnuts and sunflower seeds

tamale pie

TAMALE PIE: with polenta grits, vegetables and cheese, served with green salad and avocado


STROMBOLI: with veggies, fake italian sausage and homemade tomato sauce

TOMATILLO SAUCE (unblended): roasted tomatillos and poblanos, jalepnos, cilantro, lime juice and salt


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